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Soon after David Patrick Bryan learned to walk and talk he discovered that could also sing and dance. By the age of 5 he was performing on stage.

1DPB1955Over the next few years he learned to play the piano and at 10, composed and arranged his first song! David took piano and voice lessons from a wonderful friend and mentor, Katherine “Kitty” Hanrahan. His love for spiritual songs originated from his singing and playing the old Gospel songs at home with his mother, Mary Helen Bryan, and grandmother, Sally Long. David would frequent his mother’s choir practices as well.


He spent his teen years playing with bands at local night clubs and during his call to duty in the Army, he performed with his dear friend and Country recording artist, John Conlee. Eventually David branched out to playing concerts in Southern Florida with the Savage Boogie Band.

1969 DPB Lion

During that time, “Savage” was invited to be the opening acts for Chuck Berry, Ted Nugent, and other well-known musical groups of that era. All during his mid to late twenties he managed and performed within a 9 member show band, touring consistently throughout the US and Canada.


And as time marched on, David found himself working in Las Vegas playing for a well know Vegas show band, the “Freddie Bell Show” and in Los Angeles with members of the Ike and Tina Turner’s Band.

David is married to Laurie and has 3 children. They are, Jason, Corey, and Melody. For David and Laurie, a musician’s life on the road was not conducive to raising their children and so the decision was made to pursue his musical career within a more local area around Frankfort and Lexington, Kentucky. It was while performing here, that David wrote, recorded and produced his first solo recording, “Kentucky Days”.


Over the next few years, he did a number of recordings in Nashville and continued live performance, both local and regional.

In 1998 David was nominated for the “Dove Award” and was blessed in having his music played as well as distributed  throughout the world. David has toured in Ireland and has performed, in concert, at the famed Astra Theatre in Schio, Italy, which was broadcast over Italian, German, and other European TV stations. He also appeared in concert in Sarajevo. While there, he and his son, Jason, produced a film, which was shown on Bosnia television, “David Patrick Bryan in Bosnia”. And in 2002 this inspiring video garnered the prestigious “International Video of the Year” Award.

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David enjoyed his time as a Christian Contemporary recording artist, but David also developed a great desire to continue to reach out to all of God’s children. To Christians and non-Christians as well. To those who believed in God, those who didn’t, even those who didn’t know what to believe!

David Patrick Bryan’s realization that God made us all grow stronger and stronger. Seeing how much all of us actually have in common, his music began to lean more toward the spirit, the soul and the mind. “What it is about life that bonds us all together?” “What is our purpose as individuals and collectively while we are here on earth? And what about after?” He wondered on a daily basis.

David’s writings have been more and more about the unconditional love that all need, and in one form or another we have been reaching out to since the beginning.

Through prayer and meditation he has realized that all God needs and wants of us is “Praise to Him” and “Kindness to others”. In the spring of 1986 David was blessed to experience God’s unconditional Love, Here is a poem he wrote about it.

“After all knowledge has completed, And all mysteries subside,

There will be wonder within the hearts, That only love provides,

It is the joy of evermore,  It is the call of God,

It is His pure and moving still, But not His staff and rod,

For there’s no battle, nor need of rules, There’s no common place,

It is the peace that only comes, By looking in God’s face.”

David and Laurie have 6 grand kids!

DPB w Sebastian promo

… and plenty room in their hearts for more!