Here is some new YouTube videos, and keep checking

back for new video’s by David Patrick Bryan:

“Heart & Soul”


Great video about our grandson Wiley.

Wiley has gone through more trials and tribulations

than any kid should ever have to.

The amazing effect that medical marijuana has had

in helping him overcome multiple daily seizures.

And the foundation that was founded for our own …



Here are some video’s from our son Corey. Corey is currently a TV producer in Texas. Thought you may enjoy his creativity and great sense of humor!

Corey Bryan’s Video’s


Our sons do great work in video/film/ and productions. Here is an interview our son Jason, created with Dr. Jim Duke, at the Green Farmacy Garden (Dr. Duke’s home).  Dr. Duke, or Jim (as he preferred we call him) speaks about medical marijuana, as well as many other types of herbs, and plants. Blessings to us from Mother Nature herself!

 Interview with Jim Duke


David Patrick Bryan in Bosnia (demo)