Spiritual Experiences


The word “God” cannot describe who cannot be described, nor does “He” denote the actual sex of who cannot be described. God told Moses to speak of Him as “I Am” to the Israelites. Jesus calls God, “Father” (Creator), so hopefully you won’t mind that  for our communications to each other, “God”, “Father” as well as “He” and other familiar terms will be used.

Thanks … David Patrick Bryan



An insight or revelation that some have experienced through a near death experience (NDE). Others have found similar experiences through meditation (“Enlightenment”). The author tells of his experience which was a gift, achieved through prayer and total faith that God will bless his complete faith and answer his prayer. Only he got much more than his asking!


“Divine Love”

 One of the greatest blessings about being a Christian is getting older. as we get older we can look back on our lives, and we can see the many ways God has helped us. My song “Divine” is a perfect example of this. I wrote “Divine” in 1972 and although that might not sound too unusual, it was the first and only religious song I would write for almost 18 years later,.

At the time I was not religious at all. I wasn’t going to church, praying or interested in anything but playing music and partying! Still I believe divine was inspired by the Holy Spirit. Listen to the words of the first verse, “there’s a place, and there’s a time, there’s a love so fine, it’s divine”. Well there was a place and the place was in Lexington Kentucky. There was a time and the time was the spring of 1986.

What about a “love so fine it’s divine”? Well in the spring of 86’ I had returned back to my religion.  I’d quit drinking, partying, and I was going to church and praying. Then one day that spring I found a prayer, a very special prayer that promised to give you whatever you asked for. So being a musician and a composer I asked for success in the recording business but the Lord knew better and had other plans for me.

After I finished the last of the prayer, the words “a love so fine it’s divine”, became a reality. For I experience a feeling that I will never ever forget and it was a feeling I had never felt before but yet it wasn’t a stranger to me. I remember experiencing that nothing in this world could harm me. But the experience I felt the strongest was “love”, a very, very special love. A warm, joyful, glowing, unlimited, vast, immeasurable and unconditional love that I felt throughout my whole self! I was totally in love with myself and others, with life and everything in it. I could see how we all were connected, and how much we needed one another.

This experience lasted for about half an hour or so, and I still think about it all the time. I know that night I surely received the Holy Spirit and that “feeling” was “Divine Love”. Beyond a shadow of doubt, I know that God gave me a taste of heaven, and that God wants me to continue to learn from this experience.

Personally, I need to share this experience with you and others. I learned a couple of things about God, and about myself that night. That no matter how small we feel or how far we think we are away from our Creator, He is always right here with us.

He is with us in good times and in bad, always loving us unconditionally,  constantly helping us, and forever guiding us all toward our destinies! We have been given the task and it is eventually us who will make this world a “Heaven on Earth”.

“All I will ever need is God’s wonderful Divine Love.”

…  David Patrick Bryan



Once I was having one of those days when everything was so very confusing. I remember thinking about some of Jesus’ teachings about the Father. I remember questioning whether I should do this or do that, or don’t do this or don’t do that? Things were getting so scrambled in my head. So I just sat down and prayed. I said, “Father, I am so simple minded. Can you just give me one word that I can live by?” Well, He must have agreed that I was simple minded. Because immediately I heard a voice in my head. A voice that spoke one word so loud I couldn’t ignore it. I clearly knew that this voice wasn’t coming from me. That this voice must have come from somewhere else, maybe the Holy Spirit. I believe the Holy Spirit used my inner voice to shout one word. One loud word that summed up all that the we need to be to one another. He said, “Kindness”.

“Kindness”! … Yes, I can do that! And should I fail, I can pick myself up, dust myself off,  and just keep on trying to be a kind person.

What a wonderful word! What a great motto! The more I thought about it the more I realized how, above all the confusion and distractions, The Father want us to all to simply get along with each other. To love each other day in and day out, and all we really need is to simply be kind to each other.

This is not judging others but kindness to all, the good and the bad alike. Think about it, by being kind to others we are indeed truly loving and praising God, and not by words alone, but by our actions as well. By the simple act of being kind in all situations, to all His children we are a living prayer to the Father. I’ll say that again, “A living prayer to the Father.” Imagine this world if everyone was kind to each other! I think that is just what Jesus meant by,

“Thy will be done, Thy Kingdom come,

on earth as it is in Heaven!”


…  David Patrick Bryan