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CD’s are $15 each, price of CD’s includes S&H

Hope by David Patrick Bryan

1.Fill This Room
3.Cloak of Peace
4.Life’s Low and High Tides
5.The Shepherd’s Gate
6.Half Hour of Heaven
7.The Promise
8. Steppin’ Up
9. I Have No Love
10.The Old Lighthouse
11. It’s Love
12. Hope (jazzy)



CD’s are $15 each, Price of CD’s includes S&H

The Shroud

1. The Shroud of Jesus
2. Our Hearts Are Upon You Lord
3. He Came Into My Life Forever
4. Praise and Glory
5. One With You
6. My Body and My Blood
7. Jesus Is Here Now
8. Jesus, Bread of Life
9. Psalm 51
10. My Angel



CD’s are $15 each, Price of CD’s includes S&H

You Are My Friend

1. You Are My Friends
2. Divine
3. In The Name of the Father
4. Little Flower
5. Immaculate Heart
6. Face to Face
7. We Call Him Father
8. Listen To The Sweet Sound
9. Mary’s Song
10. Rock of Ages