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© 2015 by David Patrick Bryan


The “Raleigh IANDS”

Near Death and Spiritual Experiences

Present – International Recording Artist

David Patrick Bryan

DavidBryan promo 2016
Saturday, August 27th, 2016  from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM

 Singer/Songwriter David Patrick Bryan will sing, talk and walk you through his spirit filled life, with his old and new age styles of music. As he explains his beautiful and profound heavenly experiences.

 In 1965, David began his professional career as a musician, performing mainly in his local areas of Kentucky. Then in the late 60’s he began traveling the U.S.A. Canada, and the Bahamas. Performing with artists’ like Country music’s “John Conlee”, Rock n’ Roll’s “Chuck Berry”, Las Vegas show band, “The Freddy Bell Show” and in L.A. with members of “Ike and Tina Turner Band”, to mention a few.

David also had his own show band on the road for several years. That is until the road lead him to meet a lady named, Laurie. They fell in love, married and  settled down in Kentucky, where they raise their 3 children.

 Still writing and performing music, David began to become interested in Christian Music. Thanks to Radio and TV appearances, his Christian music went around the world. Once again he began performing music throughout the USA, as well as in Italy, Ireland, and Bosnia.

 Through the years David was blessed with many profound spiritual experiences. In 1986 his “taste of Heaven”, lead him to a true understanding of Unconditional Love for each other as well as all of God’s creation.

Currently David and Laurie live in the Raleigh area and David continues to entertain people from all walks of life with his charming and lush tenor/baritone voice, or “tenor tone”, as he jokingly refers to his two and a half octave range.

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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship,
3313 Wade Avenue, Raleigh, NC

Visiting A. R. E.

I’m originally from Frankfort Kentucky and in 1966 I went to college at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. There is where I heard about the psychic from Hopkinsville Ky, Edgar Cayce (1877–1945).

For many years I have been reading about Edgar Cayce and A.R.E. I am fascinated about all I have read!

I am visiting the non-profit Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) he established  in 1931.  I have found that exploring all that God has put in front of me has been a most beneficial gift for me in understanding life and all of us in it.

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Words from “It’s Love”

Oh how so, simple, life is,

 From Love we live, we were born to give,

To share, where, happiness is

 All that you do, is for, who comes after you,

 It’s Love, It’s Love, O-o-o-o that lasts (and lasts, and lasts)

 Those, who are free, are those who believe

 That it’s true, and it’s oh so sweet,

Only love makes you complete,

It’s Love, It’s Love, O-o-o-o that lasts (and lasts, and lasts)

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Words from the song “Divine”

“There will be more “what’s” than “whys”,

So my friend we must realize,

That something’s we just got to feel.

When the world is getting tuff,

And we still ignore its bluff,

Then ya got to know, that His love is real

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